Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to download tracks from deezer

UPDATE 07/11/2015: Use DeezerDownloader (-- link removed in accordance with the DMCA) to download tracks


Old article (method described below does not work anymore): 

There is a nice service which allows you to download tracks from deezer. All you need to do is to copy and past unique link of the track from deezer. It would be good to automate that process for albums and playlists.

adeezer project was created exactly for that purpose. It is cross platform and is known to work on Windows and Linux (should also work fine on OSX).

Download and extract the latest version from here or clone the repository with command:
git clone

The recommended way of using adeezer is with virtualenv, but you can just install all dependencies and start using it:
pip install -r requirements.txt

Some examples of using the script:

  • Download the playlist with id 101
    python -p 101

  • Download the album with id 321
    python -a 321

  • Download all your favourite tracks
    python -f 1000

    Where 1000 is your deezer id. You can also use your username or email instead of id.

  • All tracks are downloaded in your <home_directory>/Downloads/<item_id>. To populate ID3 tags of downloaded tracks use that command:
    python <path_to_folder> "<album_name>"

    Windows users might have some problems with quick start, because python and pip is not installed in their system by default. Here is quick start guide for them:
    1. Download and install ActivePython 2.7 from

    2. Download and extract adeezer from

    3. Install dependencies. Run from commmand prompt:
    pypm install mutagen progressbar2 requests selenium wsgiref

    4. In Command prompt go to the directory with and use any command from that article to download tracks

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