Tuesday, November 18, 2014

fedora 20: How to install latest geary from copr

Fedora corp is a storage for unofficial repositories for fedora enthusiasts. For example the latest geary version in the official fedora 20 repository is 0.6.1, which is quite old. The easiest way to update it to the latest available is to install it from copr. I found at least 3 repositories which provide update to 0.8.1.

First of all we need to install yum-plugin-copr plugin:
sudo yum install yum-plugin-copr

There is a missing dependency for that package. If you run yum and see:
Plugin "copr" can't be imported

Try to install python-requests package:
sudo yum install package-requests

Then we need to add a repository with newwest geary version. It is as simple as that:
sudo yum copr enable thm/geary

Run next command to update your geary from newly installed copr repository:
sudo yum update

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